Driving in Lagos, Nigeria 3.0 πŸš˜πŸš–


Can’t believe am still writing on Driving in Lagos.
So I was on third mainland traffic and I heard “bump” from behind; I had been hit from behind. One of the things I said I would never do is come out of the traffic on third mainland; I think Lagosians have enough traffic for me to add more.
So I wound down and said “Why Now?” I saw the driver wave his hand to plead about it.
I wasn’t happy about the event, then heard the Holy Spirit say, be merciful as I am merciful to you.
I was concerned about my lights and the additional expense this may cause as I didn’t renew my insurance.
I drove sadly and couldn’t continue listening to the business news again.
The Holy Spirit said “Whatever it is we will take care of it.”
I remember that this morning I prayed with my hubby and baby for the mercy of God on our sins.
So when we pray forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others, ensure to be forgiving others.
I smiled at my thoughts and drove on in the traffic.
After a while, I saw my beautiful former pastor’s wife so that made me smile much more.Did I tell you I still danced on the car afterwards.
Let me check the car now ( decided to write this before checking lol)

Just checked after doing somethings.
I didn’t see anything ooo He must have hit just the bumper!! Thank God I don’t have to call my mechanic
Lights are secured!!
So let’s be merciful to others always.
Have a beautiful weekend all.
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