Don’t just pump me, fix me

At the beginning of November, I noted Baby BE’s (that’s the name of my car) tyres were continuously going down. So I got a vulcaniser near my office to pump it. This happened severally and he even became my friend. Sometimes he will pump it while I am having breakfast in the car. In fact I didn’t think twice again, once I saw the tyre indicator on, I would comfortably drive to his side. One day I asked him to check the tyres for nails, his face looked blank and he just told me as usual the two at the back need to be pumped.

It was not until Monday morning ( imagine the Lagos rush on my mind) that the tyre was soo down I could not take it to work again. So this time I knew it needed to be fixed!!! I had to use my hubby’s car that day and when I got back Baby BE had been fixed, nails were removed from the tyre.
My friend (the young vulcaniser) did his best, yet all he could do was pump, he couldn’t fix the tyre.
Some friends can only pump you when you are down; let’s go for a drink, party, watch a movie and forget the issue at least for the moment but the nails are still inside of you. You need to be fixed not pumped!!
Fixing can be uncomfortable as the tyre needs to be removed, checked, sometimes sewn. However it is always worth it!! Imagine a tyre saying leave me, don’t fix me… it will end up in the booth or by the road side to demarcate parking spaces.

Don’t take for granted those that can fix you. Ultimate fixing comes from God’s word and sometimes he uses people around us too. Embrace the fixing cos it’s working for your good.

Now Baby BE is working well, I have not had to pump her for the entire week and hopefully till the year is over!!!

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