Help!! I am becoming a Lagos driver!!!

Hi hope you had a good week?
So you may know that I don’t enjoy driving, especially in Lagos!! Yet I manage to be one of the most considerate Lagos drivers, so I thought until…
It was a thursday evening and I had managed to get to the house before 7pm (twice in the week) and I was about to make it third time!!! 😁😁😘
Then I turned into the street before my street, the road was blocked. I was not surprised at the car parked on one lane (this is kind of normal in Lagos residential areas with limited parking), the surprise was a trailer by the other side and another car in the middle of the road.
I saw someone prompt me to wait, so I waited for some seconds then a man got into the car. He still took his time, then drove pass, no apology, nothing.
As I drove on, the trailer decided it was his time to move and started heading towards me. I headed towards him too and we faced ourselves!!!
He looked at me expecting me to move back and I looked right back at him. At some point he indicated he was not going to move back and I responded by reclining my seat and picking my phone to chat. This was me ready to show this Lagos truck driver….After a while I realised the driver behind me had reversed so I decided to do likewise.
I am not sure what happened to me, that was totally not me!!!  I am that Lagos driver that if you hit on the road, I won’t even come out of my car to check. I will just let you go…. and be thankful for insurance (when I had one).
Interesting one of my spiritual goals for the year is to display the fruit of the Spirit more… I am certain that action with the truck driver can’t be associated with any of the fruit of the Spirit… it’s the opposite of love, kindness, gentleness and patience…
To live in this Lagos as a Christian, we need to be deliberate about our actions and reactions. I have asked God to help me in this walk!!! Since the incidence, I have become more deliberate and I have improved in my driving character *grinning proudly*..
Remember it won’t matter what state or country we lived in, would God be able to say, Welldone my good and faithful child,when we stand before him?…
Have a great week ahead….
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