Break it NOW

It was a beautiful morning and I was making the Queen’s second meal – noodles.
Just before my sister left she reminded me to break the Queen’s noodles before cooking. I concurred with her…..
Somehow, I forgot to break it, I just started making it like I was making mine…
Midway, I remembered and tried to break it but alas it was difficult. I even tried with fork and knife lol
I had to cook another noodles for her, this time I broke it with my hands and teeth (yes it’s a serious matter!!)
Sometimes, God instructs us to break somethings at a certain stage
We tell ourselves we will, then we keep postponing until it is almost impossible to do so..
Has God asked you to break a belief, habit or relationship? Please go ahead and break it now!
Don’t wait till it is almost impossible and you have to start all over again.
He will strengthen you, break it now!!!
 Picture source: pinterest
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