No heels for one week

 It was Sunday evening and I felt pain on my right ankle, it seemed subtle but persistent.

I told hubby and he helped massage it and put a cream on it 😍😍😍
I was hoping the pain will go by Monday so I could get wear my heels but the pain persisted…
I got to the office and was deliberating between wearing flats and heels… I knew it had to be flats.
I had to wear my flats for one, two, three days  and the entire week 😕😕
Of course I didn’t like the look of flats on most of my outfits but I knew it was for the best!!
I needed to ease off the stress on the leg and heels was not going to help….
It’s a week after and I am back to wearing my heels😁😁😘 I needed to reduce the pressure for a while… it was necessary
Do you need to ease the pressure on something this month? Pressure to spend money on some items not budgeted for, pressure to …
Whatever it is, remember there are seasons and times, today you may not be able to afford to do it but tomorrow it will be available and waiting for you
Ease off the pressure today!!
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