The wound, don’t peel the covering

I am not sure where it came from, maybe a mosquito bite that I had scratched so much to form this wound. But it was there already…

I had wounds like this when I was younger, largely from being the only girl and the last born, so I played actively with my brothers 😁😁 I am older now and not as playful as before… thanks to the many responsibilities of life or let’s call it maturity 😂😂

I looked at the wound and in no time, I was itching to peel it. It seemed “sweet” to play with the edges but I knew the final outcome so I tried…… some days it was more tempting, other days I forgot it existed!!!

In life, the wound could represent the hurt and pain from that incidence… it is drying up… for some it’s been drying for days, weeks and years. 

Don’t peel it… it may seem “sweet” to play with the edges but remember it will only leave you with more bleeding and can form a scar.

Playing with the edges is remembering when times were good, when you just met…. until you get to the hurtful thoughts and you bleed again…

There is protection coming from the “ugly” covering, it does not look good relative to the other parts of your skin but it is required to heal the wound.

This week don’t be tempted to remove the covering from the wound. At the right time, it will peel off, sometimes without our knowledge.

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