When it “matches” but does not fit!!

It was a beautiful morning and we were almost ready for school. Clothes ironed, bath taken, clothes worn and sock too… time to wear her shoes.

I spotted a lovely converse like shoe in her shoe rack. The shoes matched her outfit and would complement it perfectly! I was glad 😀😀

I tried to wear the shoes for her but it seemed quite difficult. To keep her interested, I reminded her that her Dad got it for her. This got her interest and she really wanted to make it fit her.

Few minutes after struggling with just one leg, I realised it was not fitting anymore.

It fitted the previous time she worn it but not anymore 😕😕

Immediately I knew it was time to let go… it matched perfect but did not fit!

If we forced it she would have been too uncomfortable with it. This would have defeated the purpose of wearing shoes. We certainly found another shoes and it was a perfect fit 😊😊

This new season, it may look like a good match in the sight of others and even your sight.  However, ensure to check it, if it doesn’t fit your purpose, don’t force it. Look for another one.                                         Have a beautiful day and week 🤗🤗🤗 #chroniclesofgrace #hisstory

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