“I want to go back to my house..”

Last week Friday, I forgot the Queen’s snacks 🙁🙁 Snacks usually comprises of milo and biscuits. I started replacing the biscuits with 🍏/ bananas 🍌

Enroute school,  I remembered I didn’t pack her snacks! I felt bad about it and told her. Immediately, she asked for her bag and confirmed it was not there.
Her face changed.. she had a look of how could it be!
She said mummy, only my water is in my bag.
Immediately, she forgot that mummy packed her swimming kit and other things.
She forgot that in school they would give her breakfast and lunch too!
She cried out, “I want to go back to my house… I don’t want to go to school”
I told her I would sort it out though not sure how I would! It was a sad ride to school 😔😔
Pls don’t go back because of a few hitches on the way. Snacks can’t be compared to your goal of going there!! There was a reason you decided to move ahead from that job, relationship or habit…
Don’t turn back because snacks have been taken away, you have food plus more awaiting you dear friend.
The road may be tough but the destination is so beautiful!!! Pls don’t go back, it would be worth it at the end, specifically if God asked you to move!!! Don’t be like some of the Israelites, God is taking you to the promised land, it’s one filled with milk and honey! Numbers 14:1-4,8
Wish I could tell you her snacks were waiting for her in school. They didn’t have snacks for her in school, but mummy sorted it out 😁😁
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