My eyes are on you!

Hello dear,

Last week the Queen’s beautiful Aunty got married and it was lovely 😘😘😘 You can guess who the little bride was 😁😁She certainly had an exciting time!!
She was allowed to jump about and play in excitement just because it was her Aty’s wedding. But guess what? my eyes were on her!!! I closely monitored her steps… I knew where she was all the time. I confess once or twice I took my eyes to check on my handsome hubby 😘😘😃 but for the most I watched her closely!!
Even when the reception got really exciting, I knew I couldn’t afford to take my eyes off her, so I missed the excitement for her sake!!
God never takes his eyes away from us.. he watches over me and you all the time. He is not in any moment distracted and is soo focused on us. This includes our dear country 🇳🇬
His eyes are on the sparrow and I know  He watches over us!!Mat 10:29
Stay confident, God’s got his eyes on us ALWAYS!!
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