It’s ok to ask for help

My weekend was packed with to do tasks… I needed to complete an application, manage a project for my former department, call two people I had promised to call …..

By Monday, I got to the office and realised I had more deliverables than I thought, just when I thought I couldn’t take more…

At home, the Queen remained a hand full, we will spend a long time in the bathroom trying to get her to brush and take her bath. She cried for long minutes for something as little as milo.

By Monday evening I was burnt out!!! As I spoke to hubby, the tears began to drop….

By Tuesday, I woke up still a bit tired and still with all the tasks to do!!

I worshipped and asked God for help to pull through the week and all my deliverables.

Then I remembered there are people around me that can support, it’s perfectly ok to ask for help!!

I got to the office and delegated some tasks, pushed some timelines a little further and asked for help.

When I needed to work some extra hours, I asked my mum to pick the Queen. It’s certainly ok to ask for help, first from God and then from people around us.

As we celebrate #internationalwomensday, on a personal note, Balance for better is achieved when we are willing to accept support.

What really stops us from asking for help many times? Go ahead and ask for it!! Psalms 91:15

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