New Opportunities

It was busiest week ever, so much that by Monday I was burnt out.

Tuesday morning at the Queen’s school:
School representative: Madame will you like to read to the class for 15 minutes on Thursday?
I had been waiting for moments like this.. I would be able to see all her classmates and hopefully put faces to all the names she calls at home.
My heart wanted to but my head reminded me of the deliverables…
Me: I am so sorry I will skip it.
School representative: It’s for 15 minutes, you can …
Me: Honestly, I want to but can’t make it.
I saw pictures of other parents doing it by the end of the week… I wish I had, yet I knew it would have been a really really big stretch and I could have broken down before the end of the week.
New week:
School representative: Madame will you like to teach in the Queen’s class next week?
Me: OH Yes I will love to!!!
It was so convenient for me… no major deliverables… I even got there an hour earlier and enjoyed good time with the Queen and her classmates. I dare say it was much better than the story telling of the previous week because I got to do it in the Queen’s class alone. She was so excited and proud of me. She said my mummy is a super teacher 😁😁😁
Sometimes we think we have missed opportunities… don’t worry God is able to open new and better doors!!!
Understand your season and enjoy it!! It’s ceetainly ok to say no for new opportunities will come
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