Shoe Mishap?

It was the morning of the health conference, I had worn my pretty gown and I just realised my shoes were missing. I clearly remember packing the shoes… I had put it in a bag and then in my luggage… where are they?

It was mixed emotions… sad, worried, confused..
What do I do? I looked down and the only thing I had was my slippers… maybe I should get a plaster and wear my slippers, I thought 💭
Just when I had given up… hubby offered me his Toms😁😁 “Dearie, you can wear my shoes..” I tried it and voila!!
You see, when I was younger I knew I had bigger feet… my mums shoes didn’t fit me and I missed out on people dashing me shoes 😌😌 I am currently a size 40/41 while most ladies are in the late 30s 😁😁 but God knew why he made them big… one of the reasons is so I can rock hubby shoes when I have emergencies or just maybe anytime I feel like!!!
It’s amazing how God works it all out!!! It was not a shoe mishap, i rocked them like a baby girl and refused to remove them all day!! Even the Queen knew mummy wore Dad’s shoes 😁😁
Have you been in an emergency and seen God move? He always does even in the smallest of things, let’s acknowledge him!!
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