The Extra

It was mum’s bday so we opted for a later flight. It was important to spend some time with her before we travel.

The day went quite fast!! She had some friends come over and we had a merry time too. Before I knew it, it was 11:00am, our flight was 1:30pm so I thought 11:30-11:45 should be a good time.
The Queen begins to cry that she doesn’t want to travel. She wants to stay with Queen Bolu, we try to calm her down… finally I carry her and we are off by 11:50am. For me it’s a fair enough time. I am quite tired but the Queen decides to sleep in my arms… so I really can’t sleep comfortably.
My honourable chauffeur informs me that we will buy fuel in our way. I say that is fine… At the filling station, I remember my wallet is empty.. well I have N50. Yes I am more cashless than the CBN Governor, I thought my chauffeur will have at least N200 for the airport pass..
Me: Hello, pls do you have N200 ?
Chauffeur: Sorry madam, I don’t have
Me: Ok pls use the ATM in the station
He leaves to use the ATM and returns after 5 mins, no cash…
Chauffeur: Madam, no cash in the ATM, they have directed me somewhere else.
We drive into a semi rural area.. after about 7 minutes we get the cash.
Back to the road, this airport seems further today. We don’t seem close yet.
I remember I still have to check in that big box.. I am hopeful but a little worried.
Finally we made it to the airport, paid the N200, what would we have done if we didn’t get in the semi rural part? I am so not sure… maybe I would have come out of the car to ask someone for money. This airport gate, they are quite tough, you can’t even use your phone as you pass…
Thankful, God made a way and we got the cash, made it to the airport just in time… we almost missed the flight actually..
I certainly learnt from the experience… always have the extra. Now I am determined to always have at least N2000 in my wallet, don’t tell me it is too small, let me start with this 😂😂😁😁😁
Let’s not be like the foolish virgins, have the extra so you don’t miss your flight!!
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