Obedience and it’s reward

It was a busy Easter weekend as I had to travel for work on Sunday night!! Thankfully all went well and it was time to pack and check in online. Then I heard the Holy Spirit say don’t check in online.

I arrived at the airport in good time, thanks to hubby 😁😁 Getting to the check in point, again I heard the Holy Spirit say don’t ask for a preferred seat. Window seat was always my preferred 😌😌However, even when I don’t fully understand, I have learnt and still learning to obey.. so I did not request for any seat. Interestingly, the courteous lady said there is no window or aisle seat, she gave me one in between, I was satisfied enough to go and board.

The queue for boarding was mega long, so I sat and waited for the queue to go down – spoke to my mum and did many other things. Finally I joined the queue, the lady at the boarding point checked my passport and all of a sudden tore my boarding pass but immediately gave me another. She stated I have been upgraded to premium!!! I asked her why in surprise… she said I was lucky… I couldn’t understand it…
I asked another lady that was scanning me… she said “shhhh” don’t tell anyone you were upgraded. I was excited…. at this stage of my life I have flown business class only once because economy was not available and it was a short trip 😀😀 so to be upgraded to premium economy was no joke 😁😁🙏🙏
I am sure this is linked to my obedience to God earlier..
Have you obeyed before and almost immediately got a reward? Many times it’s not immediate or we don’t even see the reward… but God certainly rewards the obedience of his children.

Wondering if I enjoyed my flight? Of course I did, the service was extra ordinarily… the space was a lot more… I was not stressed. It was a good service… let me go and look for the next obedience so I can be upgraded again 😀😀😀😁😁😁

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