I chose to trust!

The Queen had been running a cold so instead of going home directly, we stopped at the pharmacy. She was jolly happy and couldn’t wait to get her drugs ( she kinda loves drugs *smh*)

It was time to pay and I checked my bag to grab my wallet.. I couldn’t find it.

My mind went rumbling… where is my wallet?

I took the Queen to the car and asked our driver to check the car. He couldn’t find it..

Hmmmm I remember using it in the office and smiling that I had some change in it… you know I can be cashless for days😛😛

I had to go back to the store and thankfully pay via transfer. 

Yet, I still wondered where is the wallet?

The only time I left my bag was when I got to the Queen’s school. I was too tired to take it along so just jumped off without it. I had a “think” but still left it.. could he have taken it? 

I called my office but it was closed already. 

So I had to wait till the next morning… I chose to trust that the wallet was not missing that I just left it in the office

I chose to trust that my driver didn’t take the wallet

I chose to trust that according to God’s word there shall be no loss.

So I got home cashless as I usually am 😁😁 and went on with my activities.

The doubts came yet I still chose to trust.

The next morning, I got into the office, didn’t see it on the table but Voila it was in my drawer, sitting pretty 😁😁🤗 I am happy I chose to trust- to trust God, to trust my driver and to trust his word!!

Trusting is a deliberate action!! Choose to trust!! Those who trust in the Lord, will never be put to shame!! Isaiah 48:23b #chroniclesofgrace #wetrust

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