My birth story ☺️

As reported by my mum😁😁

It was a beautiful day… well it’s always a beautiful day for me. It was not yet her due date but she has gone to the toilet and noticed something, so immediately she told my dad  “our baby is on the way”

They hurried to the hospital in our white Volkswagen 😁😁😁  Finally got there and my dad rushed out of the car to get help so she can be taken inside. 

Before he got back, I had arrived already!!

As God ordered it, my mum was lying at the back so I came out easily!!! Mum says it could have been injurious if she was sitted in the car, my head could have hit the car floor, but this God!!! Psalms 139:13

So the hospital assistant took us (mum and I) inside the hospital and separated me from the other babies (just incase there was an infection from childbirth outside the hospital). However, before they  knew it I was bigger than the other babies 😂😂😂

This God!!!

It’s my bday and I am grateful for every year, grateful for good health, grateful for family, grateful for an easy childbirth I had almost 3 years ago, grateful for you too!! 

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8 thoughts on “My birth story ☺️

  1. Happy Birthday Esther… may you be blessed in ways even you cannot imagine.
    Long life and prosperity in good health and peace.


  2. We appreciate God goodness in your life everyday and today as you turn a year older. May you continue to fulfill destiny and may your light continue to shine before men and may this new year ushers you into a higher level of God’s goodness and favour in Jesus Name. Happy birthday ! 🙏🥂🎁

    Our God makes everything beautiful in its own time!

    1. Thank you dear Mike, I appreciate it. Amen and amen. May we stay purposeful and impactful in Jesus name.

  3. Awesome testimony … We bless God for who he has and is still moulding you to be 🙏🏽🙏🏽😇😇.

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