My Dad… our testimony

Its been over 10 years… I remember sitting in that class, I think it was ECN 421 macro economics, what was primary in my head was cancer. How could it be cancer ? We thought it was diabetes or something else not cancer!

At this time, it didn’t matter that I was about to finish with a first class and be one of the best graduating students. All I wanted was to have you strong and see you walk me down the aisle. I was blank most of the class…..

Fast forward to NYSC, there was a time I moved home so I could be close to you and care for you in some way. I lost weight that season but I was grateful to be there.
I went for my masters and you were specially cared for… I did not realise the battle would be when I was back….

I got back and my brothers went for their masters. I specially prayed to get a job on the mainland, I know you were part of the reasons God answered.

That night…

You had been sick for some days and we got the nurse to check you regularly. I remember hearing the noise and I jumped out of bed. You were in the bathroom and I heard the prayer from the phone.. the pastor was praying for you. The sight I saw was worrisome but my faith was high! I knew we needed to get you to the hospital so I stepped out to call for assistance…

Those seconds I stepped out for, I heard you went twice but our God brought you back!! You taught us to call on the name of Jesus so as we drove to the hospital, we called on the name of Jesus!!
We made it to the hospital and my faith was on another level.
You had gone unconscious but I told everyone you were resting because I knew you were only resting to regain strength.
Mum rushed to Lagos, family came visiting and I had so much peace in me… it was truly the kind of peace that passes all understanding!!
You regained consciousness as I trusted….
I still remember you had to do an operation in another hospital and I rode down with you in an ambulance.
The ride of about 10 minutes must have been one of the longest in my life. The sight of people staring at the ambulance and clearing the road for us… I think a tear or two dropped but I was so strong.
I didn’t wait in the room as the operation was conducted but God showed me a vision of angels at different corners of the operation. He reminded me that during my masters when I was not there, the angels were always in your room caring for you.
He also reminded me you had so many more years to live!!
The operation was successful… the doctor said it was temporary and we should take you home to rest expecting that you would not live for long…

This God!!!!! Years later, you walked me down the aisle, you were actively present for all our weddings. You even travelled to Uyo for Seun’s wedding. You have carried your three grandchildren plus more to come…

How can I not trust God to take care of our family always!!!

This fathers’ day I am reminded of your love and the love of our Heavenly Father!!! He never left us not forsook us!! Thank you for teaching me to trust and love our Heavenly Father.

Love you dear father, you are a living testimony.

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