The imperfect nail..

About a year ago, I had applied to an international development firm and finally got an interview. I had strategized for over a year to move to the development sector hence this was a key interview for me.

I drove to the office in Ikoyi and sat in the car for few minutes praying and reviewing the case study. Then….. the nail broke 😮😮 I had fixed my nails but didn’t think it will break on the main day!
I had two options – remove it or try to fake it to stay for the interview. Initially I picked the second because I didn’t want it to be seen that I had one nail off, it would look quite unprofessional.
I went in and realised it was not sustainable to fake it, what if it removed as I presented?
Then I decided to remove it, I would prefer to have it removed than be distracted by it.

Guess what? The interview was awesome!! Presentation was great! I answered questions for about an hour and used my fingers continuously… I got the job!!

Happy I didn’t focus on the seemingly imperfection and didn’t allow it distract me from what I had worked hard for and God had opened the door. Let’s focus on our strengths and not allow the imperfections distract us from our goal!

P.S of course I knew to fix the nail afterwards 😉😀

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