Lessons from Toy Story 4

Hello, I recently watched Toy Story 4, it’s amazing to see how Toy Story (Yes, it used to be one of my favourite cartoons on Channels TV by 4:00pm 😁😁) has transformed from the first one- focused on Woody and BuzzLightyear to the Toy Story 4

This edition was focused on Forky who Bonnie made out of trash. She created him and loved him sooo much!! Yet, he always saw himself as trash, returning always to trash. For him, trash was safe, cosy and warm! It was home to him!! He kept calling himself trash!!!
Yet, thankfully he had Woody who was continuously picking him up from trash and trying to make him see how important he was in the sight of Bonnie and her growth. She needed him to settle in her new class.
This is like Jesus, reconciling us back to God the father and considering us as very important.
No matter your trashy background, you are not trash but regarded as a TREASURE to God.
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