I can’t afford it now

This Christmas, I planned “to give them” as I rocked my wine weave 😂😂😂It was my bday gift to myself earlier in the year! Hope you “gift”yourself too 😁😁

I had rocked it twice but now the convenience of wig discourages me from going to the saloon to sit and fix! So I decided to “wig” it!!
I had a quick chat with my the hair retailer and she sent me my bill. I quickly incorporated it in my December budget!
The following week, I headed to her store to drop the weave. Then…. all of a sudden, we realised there was some form of miscommunication, the actual cost is four times my budget as I am bent on closure ( the more natural one).
Immediately, I politely stated I can’t afford it  now and took my weave home with me . I will continue to fix the wine weave until I budget to spend that amount!
It’s countdown to Christmas and there is certainly a rush to spend money! However, it’s fine to push some expenses till next year and politely say I can’t afford this right now.
Go ahead and have a beautiful Christmas and holiday while staying on your  budget 😉
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5 thoughts on “I can’t afford it now

    1. Thanks for reading dear! We certainly need to be intentional about our spending this season.
      Have a beautiful one as we stick to our budget 👍👍👍

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