Waiting till Maturity!!!

It’s the most beautiful time of the  year!!!

We finally got a Christmas tree…I love colors hence certainly love decorations but… We just couldn’t get one earlier!
Because the Queen would have stripped it off!
I could not imagine shouting at her to not go close or not touch. Earlier, she would basically have made it her playground till she pulled it down!!
Now she is older, wiser and understands instructions clearly, except she does not want to listen! So we have our first Christmas tree up!
Sometimes, we have to wait for the blessing till we are mature enough to handle it!!!
God doesn’t want us to destroy the beautiful things he has in stock for us, hence he won’t give us till we are ready for it.
Now we can all enjoy the Christmas tree including the Queen too 😁😁😁 In fact, she tells friends and family not to touch the decorations on the tree. 😂😂 She is indeed mature for the decoration, are you?
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