“Tomorrow is Christmas, I will not be naughty!

These were the words of the Queen on Christmas’ Eve. Myself and her Aunty observed her as she said it.

On Christmas Day, she woke up a bit not too great. She was expecting it to snow – please who is in abroad? Come and take the Queen to where it will snow 😂😂😂
Thankfully, she brightened up after she unwrapped some gifts and started playing.
The day was filled with activities – cooking, eating, doing puzzles and off to get Grand parents.
Did she keep to her words of not being naughty?
No, well based on our definition.
She was good most of the day but she was certainly still naughty some times during the day.
We even reminded her like thrice, Queen Fola, you promised not to be naughty on Christmas Day. Well, the commitment was not good enough for her.
What could we have done better?
Perhaps we should have broken it down to simpler and specific activities like;
  • I will listen and obey Mum, Dad and Aunty on Christmas Day
  • I will clean up after scattering the house on Christmas Day.
These would have been more specific and we would hold her accountable 😁😁
As we think about setting 2020 goals… remember things don’t just happen because it’s a new year! We need to work at it! Commit it to God and of course set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/ Relevant and Time-bound) goals.
Have a beautiful 2020 ahead!!
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