It can look like it, feel like it and not be it! My visit to the White House

Sunday, Nov 3, 2019

It was my last weekend in the US for this official trip and I wanted to explore ooo. How can I be in the capital city (Washington) and not make it to the White House ?
So I was determined to go to the White House, even though my colleague couldn’t make it with me.
I got on the metro train and headed for the White House. I was going to depend on the free wifi for google map, after all I am in “the abroad”, “the America for that matter!!” 😩😩
To my biggest surprise, I got out of the train and the wifi didn’t connect oo. Choi, how do I get to the White House now?
Determined to make it, I started by asking and just walking along. Note, I had asked someone prior to the trip and she had given some directions. But by the time I got out of the train, the description was like “gibberish” and I couldn’t relate nor call her without wifi.
So I kept walking and asked people.
Before I knew it, I had walked 30 minutes ooo,
I was still determined and kept walking.
Eventually, I saw some people that told me I was close, I needed to cross and just keep walking down.
I did ooo and then I saw the white building, it looked like it, felt like it and so it was it, at least to me.
“Chaiiii” I was so happy and started thinking of the pictures I will take. I must not be shy to ask other tourists to take my picture. After all, how do I have evidence for my planned post –
“Sometimes you got to go alone – Visit to the White House “ I was so excited that I could make it to the White House on my own!!! Without a colleague or friend.
I got some great pictures and even tried to do vlogs for me 😁😁
As far as I was concerned, I made it to the White House, ain’t nobody telling me anything else 😀😀
I finally got free wifi in the museum and hubby was chatting with me. I happily sent him pictures of my adventure. He started telling me something I could not understand…. infact I thought he was just “bluffing”
Guess what?
Some of you may have guessed right, I didn’t make it to the White House, Choi, I made it to Capitol hall and thought it was the White House.
After all my hard work and labor! How did I not make it to this White House?
My dear, in 2020, don’t just walk (hard work) ooo, plan your goals with clear directions, ask for landmarks. Infact, go with other people going to the same destination and continuously check you are on track!
I have learnt that it can look like it, feel like it, be white like it and still not be IT.
Have a purposeful and guided 2020 dear!
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