I added 2kg, but I am KEEPING AT IT!

My boss’ email prior to the holiday was for us to gain at least 1kg when back in the house. I read the mail and shook my head – my plan was to shed some weight or at worse stay the same.

During the holiday, I exercised (long walks and tracked my movement via my iWatch). Thank God it was a  mix of physical and spiritual exercise – I try to do prayer walks so I don’t just stay fit physically but spiritually fit too.
After all my efforts, you can’t imagine my disappointment when I went on the scale and noted I added 2kg, HOW?
My reaction:
I was disappointed and even when on a junk food sprint – I checked the fridge and just ate junk!!
I doubted the exercise was working. What was the use if I was adding weight? Let me “kuku” eat it all 😫😫

But guess what? I woke up the next morning, encouraged myself and did the exercise again!
Many times, we set out to achieve a goal and we measure ourselves after few days and it’s seems like we are doing worse than we started 🙁🙁 Don’t give up, keep at it. The result is not immediate but persistence certainly yields results! KEEP AT IT.
Also ask yourself, am I measuring right? The day I did the measurement, I had drank over 4 litres of water ( YES, my goal is 1.5 litres but sometimes I surpass it – that’s how STARS do)
So this could have added to my weight too. I also did the measurement at night… my friend/colleague told me afterwards that the best time to measure is in the morning, not at night when we have “taken” in all the food.
So next time I want to measure my goals, I will ensure to do it right!
P.S I am not bothered about my weight, my physical goal this season is to drink at least 1.5litres of water and skip 150 counts at least 5 times in a week!
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