The Climb

It was Wednesday evening and I had just picked the Queen from school. She asked for chips, so off we went to the eatery.

We had visited this eatery so many times but today’s visit was special. The Queen spotted a spiral stairs and wanted to know what was upstairs.
So she pulled me to the stairs to climb, but this stairs was different. Firstly, it was spiral, then it had gaps in between.
I remember being scared of this kind of stairs as a child (7 years old  I guess)
The Queen took the first 3 steps and would stop and go back! She was afraid. She repeated this like 3 times.
I encouraged her that she is bold, nothing to be afraid of, Jesus is with her and mummy too! But these didn’t work at the moment.
Finally our chips was ready and we went to pay and pick them. I didn’t want to put pressure on her, so I told her the next time we in the eatery, she will climb it  Then she said, mummy let’s try one more time.
This time around, she climbed a step at a time. She held the railings and my hand. Step by step she climbed, stopped once and continued. Mid way, she said mummy I am almost at the end and she DID IT.
See her dance steps afterwards 😁😁😁
Like the Queen, we are afraid of the unfamiliar routes, we may have even started it and went back many times. It’s not usual, it’s  different and can be uncomfortable climbing.
Yet at the top may lie beauty or greatness or newness.
I encourage you today to go ahead and climb. Don’t climb alone, climb with God but your side.
You certainly will not fall!
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