It is still beautiful

Weekday – Morning
About to leave for school, the Queen sees a small yoghurt in the fridge and asks to take it to school.
In the car while drinking and licking the yoghurt, I remind her to be careful severally.
Minutes later…
The yoghurt pours on her clothe, I help her clean it, the stain is still there….She states  “Mummy it is still beautiful” and I smile and affirm 😊😊
Some minutes later, the yogurt is on my red dress. I couldn’t believe it, I have a presentation this morning 😟😕😕 I am angry and ask her to move away and at some point grab the yoghurt from her. She moves away and is sad.
“Mummy it is still beautiful…”
I didn’t want to hear that, how can my stained red dress still be beautiful? It’s white patches that are quite obvious..
Yet, those words made me calm down and think… it was easier to accept it when she said it for her dress, but harder when it relates directly to me!
How easy it can be to comfort others but we not receive comfort when we need it.
I choose to see it as still beautiful whether the stain was removed or not… We are still always beautiful 🥰🥰🥰
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