Chronicles of Working from Home 2

The meeting was in about 30 minutes and I needed to send out a presentation. This was an important meeting, how important you may ask?
Our Global Operations leader, had sent out an invite the day before to discuss on Business Development (BD) matters! So, you see it was a very important one.
Even though he didn’t ask, I thought it necessary to send a revised BD pipeline prior to the meeting. On my to do list, I had scheduled to do it about 11:30am and send by latest 12pm but now I had to complete it in few minutes and send to him.
Thankfully, my daughter was quiet and busily engaged 😁😁(watching cartoon from her tab).
10:45am: I sent to the BD pipeline out.
Few minutes to the meeting, I checked the agenda again and started switching to meeting mode. I called the Queen and told her I was going for a meeting, asked her if she needed anything….
11:00am: I joined the meeting, our Global operations leader started off and unexpectedly asked me to present on the pipeline. Apparently, I missed his mail at 10:59am suggesting I should present to the BD pipeline. I love to present so it was not a problem, except that I didn’t realise my daughter had left to do other things.. 😙😙
She had gone upstairs to talk to her dad and handed him her tab that she wanted to do other things.
As I was presenting, I noticed she was moving about in the parlour (a.k.a my workstation).
About 11:15am, we had moved to the second item of the meeting and I sensed I would need to speak on it…
Queen Folagbade:  Mummy, I want to “pooo”
Me: (Checking I am on mute, totally confused) Ok, go to the toilet dear.
Few seconds later…
Queen: Mummy, Mummy…
Me: Have you finished? (Just realised I was not muted and our global operations leader was still speaking 😫😫)
He was about to end, my direct boss spoke afterwards and I knew I needed to speak next.
Queen: Mummy, I have finished.
I was very confused, and carried my laptop to the toilet. From the background I heard my boss say – Esther can you hear us, we are waiting for you?
Me: (Trying to quickly clean my daughter and respond)
I muttered something like give me some minutes,  my daughter is….
I don’t even remember what I did, I recall I poured some water and jumped out of the toilet. I continued with the meeting…..
By the end of the meeting, I was exhausted and it was time for my break. Guess what I did during
the break? I cut the ugu and finally packed into the freezer. 😀😀😀
Back to work after my break and before I could do much,
Queen: Mummy, I am hungry please cook for me!
Dear Mothers and Mother’s to be, this period has certainly stretched and continues us, but remember
Welldone, you are doing great. It’s ok not to tick all the things on your to-do list everyday, it’s ok for the house to be scattered sometimes… Just give your best and ensure to make out time to rest and take care of you!
Again, #weareinthistogether with God!
Share how it has been for you 🤗🤗🤗
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