The Package

It was a beautiful weekend, 2 days after the Queen’s bday and 8 days after my birthday

(My phone rings)

Hello ma, I am at your gate. I have a package for you.
Ok thank you. Please drop it with….. I am not at home right now.
I call hubby, deary, please I have a package at the gate. Help pick it up when you are coming in.
(Hubby comes to meet me and forgets to pick it up)
Me: Deary, pls can we pick up that package on our way out? I think it’s a bday gift from ****. She called to ask for my home address 2 days before.
Hubby: No, you will see it when you get home. It’s off our route.
Me: Please let’s pick it
Hubby: No dear
Me: (I give up and decide to wait the few more hours till I am home) When you pick it up, don’t tell me anything about it. Just allow me see it when I get home.
(I call hubby when he gets home…)
Me: Hey baby are you home….. hope you picked up the package
Hubby: Yes, I did… you will be disappointed 😔
Me: Oh why, is it small? Don’t worry I will like it. I thought we said you won’t tell me anything about it?
Hubby: Sorry, till you get home.
The Queen and I get home late and immediately, I rush to the bathroom to wash my hands.
The Queen shouts in excitement…
I look and see her excited about the beautifully wrapped gift 🎁 She shouts I am still getting bday presents….
My hubby looks at me and I smile.. I am not disappointed but happy that she got the package. Yes, I was expecting it to be mine but it’s my daughters and together we can’t wait to open it 😁😁😁
Sometimes we are expecting beautiful packages and realise at the moment it is not for us.. It could be a promotion for a friend, a baby for a friend when you were praying for yours too. It could be a car that you have been trusting for…
Go ahead and thank God for your friends… for indeed one of the best gifts we have are the gifts of loving people around us. I truly won’t exchange the Queen for any gift in the world!!!
P.S I am still receiving gifts 😁😁😁 You can get my book and make me happy 😉😉
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