When it is not counting…

It was a beautiful Friday morning, I had missed most of my workout this week, thanks to rain and me not feeling too strong. But today I woke up renewed and so jumped into my exercise outfit and I was on the road ( estate road o) for my exercise – physical and spiritual (worship)

I started and after some seconds pressed my watch for it to start the workout count, but I did not find the icon. I ignored it for about a minutes, then checked again. Still nothing! I switched to my phone to check if I could activate it there and all I saw were my history work outs, who history help at this time? 😂😂😂
By the way, I continued to walk ooo.
After about 15 minutes, I looked at my measurement bars on my watch but they were still as if I just started exercising. Haaa, this thing is not counting!! I thought “maybe should go inside for hubby to assist”…. then I remembered that I can talk to the watch… I started talking and  shouting – “exercise”… it gave me the name of a contact I saved as exercise. I then switched to workout … “start workout”, after 3 attempts it finally understood my English and started counting oooo 😫😁😁😁😂😂
Even though it was supposed to be a quick exercise this morning. I decided to add to it so I could meet my goal in the counting. So I ended up doing more than planned until I met my goal. Even my worship, I had to check that it was counting by ensuring there was no grudge in my heart against anyone oooo.
 Over all, I had an awesome time, working out, worshipping and ensuring it was counting!
See guys, many times we work so hard at work, business and other places and forget to count it. Sometimes it’s because the performance system is not working or is inefficient. Abeg, take a break and find a way to measure your work!! It can be manual measurement but make sure you do! In one of my first place of work, it is said not documented not done!
Have a beautiful day and don’t forget to count the great work you are going!
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