Are we truly happy? #happyindependence Nigeria

This morning, I woke up sad… Sad at the state of affairs in Nigeria. If you know me well, I love this country, so much that 10 years ago when I went for my masters in the UK, I went with a return ticket!
Yet, recently, I have been discouraged, I see the level of corruption, rising poverty levels, unemployment increase and a shrinking economy and I almost gave up!
So, I didn’t share any Happy Independence post, “abeg” let’s face facts, are we really happy about things? Things may be all right for some of us but the common man is facing difficult times!! Good healthcare is not assessable, quality education is only for the few that can afford it, basic water is not available for millions in the country. So are we really happy?
Some will say where there is life, there is hope. Good enough but faith (hope) without works is dead! So all the promises God has given us will be dead if we don’t work towards it. Who is to do the work? Government I hear a majority say!! Yes, they certainly have their part to play, but it is not only government.
What if you and I picked one problem and decided to be a part of its solution. You pick a school and commit to support it monthly/ regularly. You pick a community and commit to providing water to it. You pick a Primary Health Care (PHC) centre and decide to regularly fund it.
To truly celebrate independence and be happy, we need to do more in Nigeria, you and I.
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