The Operation

Yesterday, I had an operation… It was going to be my first time in the theatre. The doctor prepared me for the drip and told me to expect some pain. As the needle pierced, I felt no pain for the pain in my heart for Nigeria was stronger than this needle pain.
I had to change my clothes and I was moved to the theatre. The theatre didn’t look as bad as I thought. It was actually a fully lit. Immediately, I was asked to lay on the bed. I asked for a pillow for comfort but of course that was a joke. My human body still wanted to be comfortable during the process. As I laid down, I felt helpless.
Some seconds later, I was given a sedative and oxygen was put in my nose. The sedative will ensure I didn’t feel the pain and make me sleep through the process. Truly, just as the surgeon walked in and I began to hear and visualize (in my head) the instruments to be utilised for the operation, I slept off.
To be honest, before the operation, I prayed and asked for forgiveness for any sin that may stop me from making heaven (yes ooo, this is the final goal!!) I thought but didn’t dwell on it, what if this is the final moment to eternity? I am thankful it was not for there are many incomplete projects in my hands.
I woke up after the operation and I asked if the operation successful. Thankfully, it was.
The hospital recorded the process and shared a video of my internal body before the operation and after. The difference was clear: the before was filled with many unwanted objects and the after was white and clean. I loved the after and smiled for the operation was worth it.
This period for us in Nigeria is one of pain and seemingly helplessness. It’s like we are undergoing an operation. I wish I had the sedatives to give us and we could wake up to the #NewNigeria where we are clean with good governance and development. I wish I could give oxygen to us so it can be bearable. I don’t have any of these, yet there is a picture of a #NewNigeria where all of this pain will be worth it for us, our children and the country.

P.S I am out of the hospital and back home.

Picture source: Arseny Togulev
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