When you don’t get the applause, remember your WHY

Hello there! It’s my first post here so Happy New Year!!! Thank you for subscribing and reading 🤗🤗

At the beginning of the year, I registered for an online macroeconomics training on the IMF portal and it has been a stretch!!

The first week when work was not as demanding, I could cover quite easily but by the second week I had to wake up early to catch up and stay within the timelines.

Then I finished module 1 and got a congrats note. What satisfaction! I took the snapshot and saved it (swipe to see it). Also, I shared with my friend who is doing the training with me.

Module 2 was a stretch, more videos and even more assessments. 😩😩😩I  kept at it, sometimes many early hours and some nights.

Then, I finished and I did not get the congrats note 😩😩☹️. I went back and checked and checked again. I saw the status changed to completed but no note. My countenance was down, how can they not share the congratulatory note?…

I was unhappy to be honest and closed the laptop.

Don’t we all want to be appreciated when we put in the effort and go the extra mile, we certainly want to! Or is it when the boss forgets to appreciate your output and moves on to the next task, what should we do?

Firstly, celebrate you and note it down as a success in your journal (Yes, we will list it our doing appraisal)

Next, very important – Focus on your WHY.

When I focus on my WHY and it’s related to my purpose, I get another level of satisfaction that beats the note. It’s like God sending a direct congratulation note. Well done!

So Yes, I reminded myself why I am taking the course and am re-energised to continue with module 3,4 and 5 😩😃😃 Yes, it’s plenty like that ooo 😀😀

What else do you do when you work so hard but don’t get the applause?

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