The Queen is not allowed to watch cartoon till 4:00pm, so you can imagine the daily wait and many times count down!

This particular one was extra as she took my phone and started counting down from 3:22pm.She would watch to see the minute number change and would ask Mummy is it 4:00pm?

At first, it was some fun and educational as it helped me reinforce her numbers but after a while I was tired as I needed to focus on my office work! By 3:40, since she saw the “4”, she assumed it was 4:00pm and rushed to ask, but of course she still had to wait.

Finally, I didn’t hear her voice for some minutes and switched to work then found her deeply asleep. My darling had stopped the time check and decided to rest till it was time! Then I took this picture.

What if we could rest when we get a promise (evidence) from God and have done all he instructs us to do. No checking time just relaxed with an assurance He would do it! What a beautiful piece we would make and God would be so pleased!

I choose to rest as I trust God’s promises to come to pass. Hope you do too.

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