I love flowers

When I was in the UK doing my masters, I will get flowers for myself after I submit a significant chapter of my project. It was my reward for the hard work done! Also pre COVID, I travelled to the UK  for work for few days and still got flowers for myself. So I definitely love flowers. 💐 💐
This valentine, hubby surprised me with the most beautiful roses I have even seen. I walked down the stairs and found them sitting nicely on the table.

They were so adorable 🥰 Even the Queen wanted to have a share from it, but I reminded her who the
wife is 😩😩😂
As the days progressed, my flowers were not as beautiful as the first day. I tried watering them, took them outside for some morning sun (Vitamin D) and thought of many other ways to prolong their life. But, by the end of the week, they were not suitable to be on the table, they needed to be moved outside then to the bin.
It made me think how could such beautiful flowers  lose its splendour in such few days 😔😔
I got the answer! It’s simply because they were not rooted. Once, they were detached from their source (plant), they still bloomed, but only for a while. They bloomed to be purchased at high rates but could not live for long.
I want to bloom beautifully  but not detached  from my source (Jesus). I want to grow rooted in my source, be pruned, blossom and bloom just where He wants me.
Hope you do too?
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