Time to declutter

For a long time, my cupboard was in a mess. Let me blame it on living in Lagos lol… how it takes your energy and all you want to do weekend is rest and take care of family -cooking and quality time.

Well an excuse but not good enough!!
I knew I needed to do it… I just kept postponing and postponing…Until I put it as a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for my week.. even then I would start and postpone again. I finally did it in batches and I am proud 😘😘😘
Why you should consider decluttering too 😁😁
A cluttered environment blinds one from knowing your assets. We do not know what we have and not have.
This could promote impulsive buying.. I need this, while as it is in the clustered wardrobe!!
Secondly, it prevents you from blessing others with what you don’t need… in the words of my Dad “if you have not used it for 1 year, you don’t need it. Give it out!! When the Holy Spirit says let go, pls do… He certainly has something better for you!! Don’t hold back!
Declutterd wardrobe 😘😘👍
For some of us, it not clothes, it’s our finances that needs to be decluttered… you don’t remember your investment or who is oweing you!
Perhaps it is your social life that needs decluttering, you have taken in so many friends and some are suffocating your life with demands -time, finances😌😌
It’s time to declutter, be deliberate and intentional about it!
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