Chronicles of Working from Home 1

This happened sometime in April 2020, but happens some days as we continue to work from home 😁😁😁

I woke up in the morning, did my physical and spiritual exercise and it was time to get ready for working from home.




Alas, I remembered that I had bought a big stack of vegetable aka ugu and needed to pick and cut! In the name of #bulkbuying this season, I had bought NGN1,500 vegetables. 😫😫
I didn’t even know how to store it, quick google search and it confirmed that I needed to pick, cut and wash before freezing😩😩😩. Quickly, I grabbed half of the ugu and started picking in my room so my daughter wakes up with me by her side! “Chai this motherhood something” I picked and picked. Hubby was surprised to see me doing it in the room and he offered to do the rest 😁😁😁 Grateful for helpful hubbies and family members 🥰🥰🥰
By the time I was done, my daughter just woke up and we dashed to clean up! It was almost 9:00am, quick check in my mail and I saw a few mails, thankfully nothing urgent!

I had fixed a 10am meeting and needed to review a document prior to the meeting! So we were quite in a hurry!
Mummy can I make up today? (This means playing with my makeup items)
No dear, I responded.
I made it to my system by about 9:15am. I did my daily to do list and quickly asked for the updated document to review. Quick review with notes to share and I remembered there was no bread for breakfast ooo.
9:45am: Off to get the bread in the estate. 9:56am: back to my system
10:00-10:20am: Major internet challenge but we managed to have the meeting.
A team member reminded me that we have an 11:00am meeting. I legit thought it was 1:00pm. I was not yet ready for it but needed to, it was a very important meeting!

Watch out for part 2 😊😁
How has working from home and perhaps home schooling been for you? Do share #weareallinthistogether #workingmums #awesomemums

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1 thought on “Chronicles of Working from Home 1

  1. I’ve been in this exact scenario. Next time, maybe you try cutting it up in the market (ask the seller to do that) so you be left with rinsing and storing in the freezer. It helps saves a lot of time. You can add vinegar to one of the rinse times to get rid of sand and stones. I hope this helps

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