The Unfinished Work

It’s the back of our house..

Some workers had been replacing the tiles around the estate. They started ours and somehow didn’t finish it.
When I realised after some weeks, I was going to reach out to the estate manager via the group chat to report and ask for the work to be completed…
But somehow I hesitated….
Today, this unfinished work is one of the Queen’s favorite spots. She loves sand and is so happy to play in it!
She said I hope they don’t come and put that tiles back ….
She is creative, playful, excited and happy in this spot.
This unfinished work has brought so much joy to her..It has become part of her childhood and she loves it.
Of course few years from now, even earlier, it will be completed but for the moment, we enjoy and utilise it.
Do you have some unfinished work or project, perhaps you started before this #lockdown and you are not able to complete it now? Don’t worry, it will be completed but for the moment, use the eyes of a child to view it and enjoy these moments!
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