Wear your love jacket

It was a beautiful but busy day at work… I removed my jacket immediately I got into the car. In minutes, we were in the Queen’s school… I was about to step down to pick her when I heard in my Spirit wear your jacket – afterwards called the love jacket 😁😁I hesitated a little then wore it.

Let’s call it the love jacket 😁

As I entered the school, I met a beautiful mum and immediately asked how her day was? She said it was fine until she arrived at school. I asked why.. she said she got a report that her son had punched Queen Folagbade in school. I calmly listened and accepted her apology.

I went further to check if the Queen was holding any grudge by asking her to wave bye to the boy in the car.

In the car, I checked on my daughter and had a conversation with her. She reported the incidence and told me he was asked to sit in the naughty corner and he cried like a baby. I checked her forgiveness level… is he still your best friend? She said No, then I did the work of a lovely mother convincing her to forgive him.

Many times, it’s difficult to wear this love jacket. We get uncomfortable or “hot” by actions/ words and react by throwing away the love jacket.

Even with loved ones, it could be difficult to always wear the love jacket. Yet, God requires of us to wear the jacket as if it was our skin. Love thy neighbor as thy self! Matt 22:39

May we truly show love to those around us always 🤗🤗

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