Celebrating a former classmate and friend!!

I remember you were my first friend from the JAMB ECN class. You were friendly and quite playful.
The first day my Dad took us ECN 212 Statistics, I was so nervous but I remember your cheerful and smiling face.
Thanks for coming for the departmental fellowship when I invited you… I kept insisting you get closer to God 😃😃
Fast forward to after school, I remember seeing you at the Mango store.. You were so excited to see me and so was I. I even introduced you to Sam. He remembers you, it’s difficult for anyone to forget you because you carried so much life.
Months later I met you at the store and you told me you we’re traveling for your studies… it also seemed like a route out of Nigeria. I was happy for you dear friend..
Life took us apart as we progressed in different parts of the world. Few years back, I saw your Facebook post, it was related to God and I checked on you to be sure you were on the right path.. *now this feels like a mummy check up, let’s say a sister check up* 😃😃
Happy to see you started your PhD… you didn’t like “book” so much then so it’s amazing you started it.. So proud of the man you became. I went on Aziz ‘s page and saw some of your pictures. I asked him what happened but it really doesn’t matter as I cried and wailed in church today…. I know God could have prevented it, he remains a GREAT God… I believe you lived a purposeful and fruitful  life in Christ especially while in Turkey.
You will be greatly missed by family and friends. At the right time, we all will die except Jesus comes before that time. May we truly live a purposeful and fruitful life.
Dear Benson, I am happy we met in UNILAG and stayed as friends… We miss you 😥😥😪 Praying for your family and friends.
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