Switch ON

Hello there!

Recently one of our toilet bulbs was bad for a while. Somehow we just didn’t get around changing it. After few weeks we eventually changed it.
You won’t believe that many times after we changed it, I still used the room without switching on the light. I had gotten used to the toilet without the light, I knew where most things were. I even once used a touch light instead of switching on the bulb (lol)

Similarly, there are areas of our lives where we have experienced one darkness or the other, it is time to fix the bulb and consciously switch it on!!
Don’t get used to not being the best you can be, we were made to do exploits!!
Don’t get used to only complaining and not acting, we were made to change our world for good.

This week consciously switch on – God’s promises & word – and KEEP IT ON.

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