Switch off and check!!!

Hello dear,
It was the second day in a roll that I had to bring my car to the vulcanizer. He had checked it the previous day, removed a nail and pumped it afterwards. To my surprise the tyre light popped up again this morning.
Me: This tyre is down again
Vulcanizer: Don’t worry ma, I will pump it
Immediately he switches the loud engine and wants to pump
Me: switch it off please and check
Vulcanizer switches it off and checks the tyres one at a time
Alas !!! He found another nail in the same tyre!!!
Then he removed it and started to pump.
Can you imagine him just pumping without checking? I would have been back the next day for the same issue!!
Sometimes we need to switch off (noise, regular activities) and check check.
Don’t assume you always know what is wrong.
I pray that God directs us in every recurring issue. May His light shine in our hearts that we will see clearly
Have a great weekend
Picture source: Google images, wealthresult
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