You are beautiful

Today the Queen and I rerocked our @meloni_ng  aso-oke outfits to church😘😘 Queen Fola saw it and said “my dress”, held on to the bow and said it’s beautiful 😍 😘😘                                                     One of my best words is beautiful (if not my best 😊)so you can’t imagine my joy when the Queen uses the same word to communicate 😘😘😘

After enjoying her use the word for her dress, it dropped in my spirit that it is easy for us to recognise beautiful things around us but not in us.. So I said to her “Fola is beautiful”, she muttered after me “Fola…beautiful” ☺️😘😘

We need to be more deliberate about it, there is so much beauty in us and even more beauty growing in us. I need to look at myself more often and say “Esther, you are beautiful” God made us and saw we were beautiful…. so dear friend, you are beautiful. Have a beautifully blessed week ahead. #chroniclesofgrace #beautifulyou 

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