Great Start to the year?

Hello dear friends

I wish your week/year started like this picture of Queen Folagbade shopping excitedly at the mall😁😁👍👍

Yet, I understand that not everyone may have started the year and week on this note!

For me, mine started quite well then I had this terrible cold that had me breathing from my mouth. It was very uncomfortable 😣 I had to leave the office to rest.

I had taken the communion a day before… so really couldn’t match the illness and the communion! I was tempted to ask why but choose to give thanks to God!

Looking at the bigger picture I kind of understand why I needed to go through this… it opened an opportunity for me to accomplish a task and write this note!

God didn’t promise us a blissful life on earth but he promised never to leave us nor forsake us!! (Deut 31:6) Also he promised to work it all out for our good!! (Rom 8:28) 

I am still using drugs for the cold but in it I hold on for GOD is at work!!

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