Refusing to take her drugs to LOVING IT

The last few days have been quite tasking..

The Queen ran a fever through Thursday night and by Friday, we spent hours in the hospital.

We left the hospital with lots of drugs for fever, malaria and an infection.                                         Time to take drugs and it was a struggle 😫😫😌😌 In the midst of struggling to give her some drugs, something interesting happened.

I had checked her temperature and it was above 38.5 celsius so I had to give her Calpol.This had been the easiest drug to take but this time she said Mummy I don’t want it 😕😕

I said to her, are you my best friend? She said YES 😁😁 I said you need to take your drug pls , it is for your good..

She reluctantly did and voila!! “Mummy I love the drug… it is lovely!! “😀😀😀

I couldn’t believe the transformation!!!

This reminds me of our walk with God, as much as we say we love him, sometimes it could be a struggle to feed our Spirit- read the word and pray. But when we do it just because we know we need it, there is power that we can be transformed to love doing it!!!

I recently experienced this in my prayer life, it was a struggle and voila I look forward to it many days now 😁😁

Personally, something that helped me… praying with others. Some of my prayer groups… @rtwni every Wednesday by 10:00pm, @apostlegoodheart every weekday 5:00-6:00am and @covenantccentre life groups. Check Instagram to view their pages.

Also I tried taking prayer walks, this for me was killing two birds with one stone – spiritual and physical exercise 😁😁

What has helped you to love taking your drugs? Share with us!!! 

This week let’s stay committed to feeding our Spirit 😀😀😀🙏🙏🙏

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1 thought on “Refusing to take her drugs to LOVING IT

  1. This is inspiring and encompasses all sphere of life when applied.

    My has helped me to keep taking my drugs is – A thought of the glory ahead, the success i stand to achieve when i give it a little more push, the hope for a better tomorrow and sitting at his feet in total surrender.

    Thank for this write-up, God bless you.

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