I slipped and fell 

It was a beautiful Monday and we had a meeting that would last till just about the time I needed to be in the Queen’s school for a meeting – 12:00pm. By 11:50am, I rushed out of the meeting and hurried downstairs to head out!!!

I was waking gracefully until… I slipped and fell!!

The first few seconds after the fall, it was not about the pain of falling, it was about the shame of falling. I didn’t want people to see me fall, especially because it happened in the parking lot “outside fall”….
Immediately I “gathered” myself to stand up… not checking that I was strong enough but just wanting to be “seen” standing.
Someone approached me from behind and the first thing I said was “did you hear me fall”?
It was only much later I asked for help to get my slippers and got to the Queen’s school and asked for help again.
Why do we feel like a fall is shameful?
A fall is an opportunity to rise up with the help of others… we all fall! Fall in either school, career, marriage, or friendship but we can rise again. Anyone that sees you fall and laughs is unwise and very immature.
Dear friends, it’s ok to fall and be on “flats” for a while for surely you will rise again, wiser and stronger and able to help others that fall!! #Prov24:16a
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