I am just looking not watching

The Queen is not allowed to watch cartoon during the week when school is in session. This is not an easy task especially because she loves cartoon. Sometimes she will tell me, “Mummy, I really love cartoon”.

School resumed this month, so no cartoons till the weekends. Considering that during the Christmas holiday, she watched it everyday, we certainly need that break 😀😀
However, she found a Bible game on my phone – Yes, she found it, because I don’t remember seeing it there earlier. During some week days, I allow her play the game. My excuse is that it helps her know the Bible more.

The first week of school week, I left her with the phone in my room and she called out saying “Mummy, I am not watching cartoon”. I checked and it was something else. After some minutes, I checked her and saw a guilty face. I grabbed the phone and it was on YouTube with some cartoons below. She said mummy, I am not watching, I am just looking at it!


Truly, she had not pressed the play button…at least not yet BUT, I wonder…..
Did she plan to just look at it without actually watching it?
Why bother look at it when you don’t intend to watch it?
Why go to the gate of a place, you don’t plan to visit?
Why open the pot of a food you don’t plan to eat?
Why lie on a bed, you don’t plan to sleep on?
It is important in our faith walk to stay within boundaries and not put ourselves in compromising situations.

Of course I didn’t give the Queen back the phone that day.
In recent days, she is learning to stay within boundaries and loving it 🥰🥰

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