It’s Barbie season

For weeks the Queen has been waiting to own a Barbie doll. All earlier requests were responded to with, wait till your birthday.

As we counted down to her birthday, she kept reminding me… Ooh I can’t wait till my birthday  to have my Barbie doll. Ooh is it almost my birthday??
I didn’t even need to ask what cake she wanted on her bday, I knew it was Barbie.. but I still asked to confirm ooo
Of course I went sourcing for the Barbie dolls and thankfully found a store to deliver even with the lockdown and limited movement (that’s how Mama’s do 😁😁 and Dads too)
I got the dolls about 2 weeks to her bday and just kept it!
On her birthday, she woke up and was excited it was finally her day.  She was all excited and after minutes of getting the happy birthday songs, she began to ask for the babrbie doll…
She had gotten a watch but still asked for the Barbie doll.
I asked what if you don’t get a Barbie doll today, will you still be happy? Her response was No… she truly wanted it and perhaps deserved it after the wait 😁😁😁
While cleaning up, I asked again and she managed to say Yes she would still be thankful! What level of growth! I am not sure I remain thankful all the time when I don’t get the things I am trusting God for, especially if o have waited so long for it!
Yes, she got her Barbie doll, not one but two thanks to her super aunts 🥳🥳🥳 .. and you know how she spent most of her day? Playing with her Barbie dolls 😁😁😁

As children of God, we need to get to a stage where whether we get it or not, we remain thankful and enjoy the moments. Trust me it’s not hard for God, infact it’s too easy for him to do it.

Have a thankful week ahead!
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